Friday, June 24, 2011

Are we really capable of memorizing anything?

Assalamualaikum :)

In college, I memorized 7 chapters of my psychology textbook — over 23,000 words. Yes, I could actually recite the entire 7 chapters to anyone willing to listen.
Why did I do this? My professor had challenged me with two statements on the first day of class: 1) No student had ever aced his introductory exam; and 2) all the answers could be found in the first 7 chapters of the textbook.
Determined to be the first student to ace his test, I memorized all 7 chapters.
You really think i write all this stuff? nahhhh i can't even memorize a single page from my physiology book. 7 chapters? quite a dream tho :p
Here's the things. this one real. How to Memorize Anything
quite impossible isn't it? does it really work? why don't u give a try? nahhh korg semua dah cuti en nk try apa. :3  i'm the one should try since next final paper near corner. hah anatomy pulek tu. nak hafal semua kalau baca je mmg tak lah en. dah boleh try dah ni. 6 hours without attending any classes? sounds good to me. hihi if u get what i mean :p
dah. better get going. nak buat note. nak duduk sorg sorg dlm bilik kunci pintu. nak jerit kuat kuat sambil pejam mata smpai hafal. nak tgk boleh jadi ke tak benda ni. hihi 
thnks for reading. bye! :)

sory jrg update.busy :3

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